First Meeting of SSJI elects Board

The Inaugural annual meeting of SSJI was held on March 24, 2018 at Bloomfield Town Hall.  We are grateful for the enthusiastic attendance of approximately 70 people.  Since that time we have held the first board meeting and elected the officers as below:

  • President:  John Hirsch
  • Vice president:  Cheryl Anderson
  • Secretary / membership: Cheryl Chapman
  • Treasurer: Paula Peel
  • Directors at large:  Amy Bodman, John Foster, Chris Currie, Steve Ferguson

We also benefit from the expertise of several consulting board members:  Sheila Kuja (science), Richard Copple (history), Peter Fuller (web site management), Lene Rosenmeyer Currie (membership management) and Myrna Wood (research)

On April 6, John Hirsch and Cheryl Anderson met with Mark Stabb from Nature Conservancy Canada and Dick Bird from the Hastings Prince Edward Land Trust.  These organizations have the expertise needed to protect privately owned land in an environmentally sustainable way.  SSJI will continue to support their good work in Prince Edward County.

For more information about the Nature Conservancy go to:

To access information about Hastings Prince Edward Land Trust go to:

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