Protecting Public Lands


March 2018

Letter to The Honourable Nathalie Des Rosiers (Ontario Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry) and The Honourable Catherine McKenna (Federal Minister of the Environment and Climate Change)  (View Letter March 21 2018  – PDF)

Proposal for a Protected Area status of the south shore of Prince Edward County and National Marine Conservation status for the surrounding waters (View Proposal PDF)


Reasons to work towards protecting the public lands along PEC’s South Shore

  • In comparison with the rest of the province, southern Ontario exhibits the greatest biodiversity loss, and conservation opportunities are extremely limited
  • The biodiversity value of our South Shore is very well documented
  • The South Shore is recognized as important habitat for migrating birds, bats and butterflies including several species at risk
  • Public lands in Ontario are currently open for development (forestry, mining, energy)

Protecting the South Shore public lands enables:

  • Existing wildlife policies and legislation to be addressed;
  • Huge opportunities for natural education and engagement of the public in nature –related activities
  • A potential contribution to various aspects of the human economy including millions of dollars in revenue from eco-tourism
  • A significant contribution to Canada-wide diversity protection

Target 1 of Canada’s biodiversity goals

  • Canada has committed to protecting 17 percent of its land and near shore water by 2020. For more information:
  • Protecting the public areas of the South Shore from development helps to reach Target 1 of Canada’s 2020 Biodiversity Goals and Target 13 of the Ontario Biodiversity Strategy

Existing uses of the public lands will not be affected

  • Traditionally, County people and people of the Mohawk nation have used the public areas of the South Shore for recreation (ATV’s, hunting)
  • Bird watchers and botanists have enjoyed their activities in the public areas
  • Subject to the provincial rules we have no intention of changing or challenging that use
  • We believe the danger comes from development