South Shore Stroll Apr 28, 2019

We started out with 12 people on our walk around Helmer Rd from Cty Rd 13 to Babylon Rd and along to Ostrander Point Rd to the Hudgin – Rose property.  Unfortunately 2 people had to drop out early.  The day was cool and cloudy at 9 am but the sun was out by the time we reached our destination and the

temperature had warmed enough that the first chorus frogs were calling.  Along the way we were serenaded by Eastern Towhees, Field, Song, Chipping and White-throated Sparrows, Brown Thrashers, Blue Jays, Northern Cardinals, Chickadees and Red-winged Blackbirds. Turkey Vultures, Double-crested Cormorants and Canada Geese flew overhead.  We were thrilled by 3 Sandhill Cranes flying over and 2 Common Ravens flying in tandem in an obvious courtship display.   There were clusters of frogs’ eggs in the ephemeral pools along Ostrander Point Rd some of which were beginning to hatch tiny tadpoles.  We noticed that the trash bash had not extended to Babylon Rd and were pleased that a plastic garbage bag was available  so we could pick up the trash along the short stretch from Helmer to Ostrander Point Rd.  We were amazed to discover several piles of old paint cans along the Babylon Rd. which unfortunately exceeded our ability to handle. The 7 km walk took us about 2 hours and was an excellent Sunday morning excursion.

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